When is the Best Time for the Handyman to Fix my Roof?

One of the best ways to make your home last longer without losing its appeal is by carrying out periodic roof maintenance. The roof is what prevents the rain, sunshine, and ice from getting into your home and if it is faulty, your home’s interiors will easily get damaged.


The problem comes when you do not know the best time to ask the handyman to fix your roof. Here is a checklist of the items you need to consider to know the best time to repair your roof:

Check Inside the House

The first indication that you need to repair your roof is when you notice dark stains in your attic, it is an indication that water is leaking through the roof. You should also check the insulation for any signs of moisture and if there is, get the handyman to repair your roof.

Consider the Age of the Roof

Every roof manufacturers will give his roof brand a particular lifespan. For asphalt roofs, the lifespan is between 20 and 30 years and for metal shingles, the lifespan is 50 years. If yours is a tiled roof, the lifespan is 40 years and slate roofs can last as long as 90 years. Do not wait until your roof is past its life expectancy to call the handyman for the necessary repairs.

To make your roof last longer, you should carry out regular maintenance with the help of a professional handyman. It will not keep your roof looking good but will make it last longer.

Check the Condition of the Roof

There are times when the roof has not yet reached the end of its lifespan but the condition is not good, you need to ask the handyman to carry out an inspection such in https://www.handyman-ogden-majestic.com/. Based on the findings, he will know if you need to replace the entire roof or replace the damaged or missing shingles.

Inspect the Flashing

To prevent your roof from leaking, it is important to ensure that the flashing is in good condition. Ask the handyman to inspect the area surrounding your chimney, ventilation, and the skylights. If the metal is damaged, carrying out the repairs should be carried out as soon as possible.

Check the Gutters

Roof Handyman

If the gutters around your house are hanging, have rust buildup or you can identify water damage below them, it is an indication that you should get them repaired. In addition to repairing the damaged part of your gutters, the handyman will also remove the debris to allow free flow of water.

However small the damage may seem, it would be wrong to delay the repairs as it could get worse with time. Have your roof inspected regularly by a professional handyman as he will be able to identify a problem before it ruins a home you have invested your life savings. The cost you will pay the handyman for the repairs cannot be compared with the amount you spend building your home.