Traveling Australia on a Budget

Australia is an enormous country that has a small population and lacks competition in the delivery of most services. This means that most of the services will cost more than they do in other countries and this may limit a lot to people who wish to experience the goodies that Australia has to offer.

Below are great tips that will help you to save more while traveling to Australia and still get the best experience:

Getting around Australia:

  • If you wish to get around Australia via flight, you should access the website named Skyscanner that provided a comparison of the charges of using various flights. Once you have gone the best deal, you will be able to book your ticket on the lowest budget.
  • If you will be driving, you should consider buying your fuel on Tuesday and Wednesday as the fuel is sold at the lowest price on these days. You can also consider sharing a vehicle with friends where you will jointly fuel one car instead of traveling in different vehicles.
  • Car rental: For the best deals on car rental the website will be very convenient as you will be able to compare the cost of the various rental companies and settle for the best deal.


  • The most convenient time to travel to Australia is on weekdays as accommodation costs are less compared to weekends and during holidays.
  • You can also choose to camp in one of the national parks where you will pay a small fee and you will be provided with power, toilets, and water.
  • There are also free camping parks in Australia though there are no provisions for basic amenities like the paid parks have.
  • Instead of renting a private room, you can choose to stay in a hostel which will be cheaper. You can look for a website like which will give you a chance to compare the prices of different hostels so that you can settle for the best.


  • To know some of the most cost-effective hotels in Australia, you can use websites such as or where you will be able to compare the prices of different hotels so that you can settle for the one that fits your budget.
  • If you plan to eat out instead of cooking your own meal, choose to have breakfast and lunch in hotels and cook your own dinner as this will be cheaper.
  • There are hotels that will give free food to children which will be a great way of saving on food.
  • Find a hotel where certified cleaning experts that won’t hit your budget

Entertainment activities:

  • There are a lot of free public parks in Australia where you will have a chance to take a walk or get on with a picnic. Some of the free parks include Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney, Botanical Gardens in Melbourne, and King’s Park in Perth.
  • You can also visit the beach and enjoy the serene environment throughout the day. Taking a walk along the beaches while enjoying some snacks and plenty of water is a great way to spend your day.
  • There are also certain museums and galleries that will offer free entry on specific days: Taking advantage of this will reduce the cost of your travel to Australia.

You do not have to spend a fortune when traveling to Australia where there are so many ways of cutting down the expenditure. Take advantage of the special offers and choose to travel on the days when there are fewer visitors as you will get bigger discounts.