Must Know Before Traveling Australia

Australia is a great country where you will be able to taste some of the best local brews, enjoy great natural sceneries, and have the best time of your life. However, a person planning a visit to Australia should prepare in advance so that he will not run out of cash as the cost of living in Australia is very high. Below are some great tips that one should put in mind before embarking on a journey to Australia:

  • Australia is a huge and diverse country: It is important to note that Australia is an enormous country and it will be impossible to visit every part of the great country. It has been estimated that it will take more than 6 months to be able to travel to most part of the country. Most of the people will prefer using flights as they will be faster and they will have more time to enjoy the sceneries beneath as they travel.
  • The cost of living in Australia is very high: When planning a visit to Australia, the estimated budget per day is $100 to $200 every day. You can cut down the cost by using the cheaper airline, fueling your vehicle on Tuesday and Wednesday, visiting Australia on weekdays instead of going on weekends or even cooking your own food instead of eating out.
  • Know the local language: Though English is a basic language in Australia; there are slight differences in the Australian English and the American English. Knowing them will make you have an easier time when transacting with the local. For instance, they will refer to petrol as gas, the hood of a car as the bonnet, ketchup instead of tomato sauce or bushwalking instead of hiking at The Spa and Lash Studio.
  • To view some of the famous wild animals, you have to travel to designated areas: Wild animals will not be seen on every part of Australia, you will have to travel to where they are confined in order to view them.
  • Do not be too generous: Most of the workers in Australia are paid a generous salary and will not require any tips to be able to live a comfortable life. You should, therefore, not feel obliged to give a tip every time a service is offered to you.
  • The sun is too hot: The sun in Australia is too hot and you should avoid spending too much time under it. Even when you go out in the sun, ensure that you have applied a sunscreen to avoid getting sunburns.
  • Prepare to be offline: The cost of accessing the internet is very high and even when you get it, is usually very slow.

A person traveling to Australia should also be prepared to use the local brews which are of high quality as well. Only a few international brands are in stock but to blend in with the locals, the best idea will be to try the freshly made local brews that are cost effective as well.

Australia is a beautiful country where you will enjoy the culture, and have the best time of your life. If you plan well, you will be able to spend less and still get the best that the people who travel during the expensive peak season enjoy.