How to Survive Long Flights

Long flights are at times a necessity that you have to undertake regardless of the stress that will result from the many hours you will be spending on the plane. Some will enjoy every moment spent on the flight especially those that had made the necessary arrangements. To help you survive the long flight hours, here are great tips:

  • Ensure all your electronic gadgets are fully charged: you will be using your electronic devices as a distraction from what is happening around you. For this reason, there will be a need to keep them fully charged and if possible, get extra batteries for the devices in case you will need extra power in the course of your travel.
  • Get a pillow and a blanket: not all airlines will provide blankets and for this reason, you will need to bring along a light blanket and a pillow to ensure you will be as comfortable as possible. If you are not comfortable carrying a blanket, you can get a warm sweater as it will still serve the same purpose.
  • Put on comfortable clothes: you will need to be as comfortable as possible throughout the flight. Wear loose-fitting clothes that will not be too tight. You should also wear clothes that will be adjustable according to the changes in temperature where you will add extra layers when it gets cold and remove some when the temperatures are very high.
  • Carry an eye mask: An eye mask will enable you to get some sleep as it will shut you off from what is happening around you. Though some airlines will give eye masks, the quality will not be as good as the eye masks you will bring with you. Having earplugs is also important as it will enable you to get some sleep- during the flight. There are chances that the flight attendants will provide earplugs.
  • Choose the right seat: if possible select a seat that is near the window as you will not be bothered by your seatmate whenever he wants to use the washroom. However, if you would want to have some time to stretch in the course of the flight, getting a seat along the aisle will be the best option.
  • Fasten your seat belt: Before taking a nap, ensure that your safety belt is fastened in such a way that the flight attendant will not need to wake you up to check if you have bucked up. If the belt sign is on and the flight attendant is not able to see the belt, he will have to wake you up.

In addition to being comfortable, you can also carry some books and magazines to keep yourself busy during the flight. This will be a great companion for those who do not wish to play some of the games available in electronic gadgets. You will need a distraction, and the choice will be determined by what works best for you.

Being nice to the flight attendants and your seatmates as well is also another way of making your flight more comfortable. The kindness will bring goodness back to you as you will be treated in the same manner.