How Do You Determine Whether a Massage Spa is Legit?

Massage Spa

With the rising number of massage spas in every part of the globe, it can be hard to know the legit ones. Some spas offer ‘adult services’ but present themselves are massage spas and if you are not careful, you’ll fall in their trap according to Here are some ways you can tell if the massage spa offers professional massage or not:

First Impression

When you make your first call or your first visit to the spa, pay close attention to the receptionist. The language she is using, how she is dressed, and how she refers to the person who will give the massage. If the language is too casual and there is no level of professionalism, likely, it is not a professional spa.

Hours of Operation

Most professional spas offer their services at specified times of the day, usually from 8 am to 10 pm or something close to this. If you notice that a massage spa offers 24-hour services, it is most likely that they do more than regular massages. However, most massage spas will have a massage therapist on call in case one of their clients need massage beyond their working hours.

License and Insurance

When making your first call to enquire about massage services, do not forget to ask if the spa is licensed and insured. The spa should have complied with the local legal requirements as this is one way to show that what they do in the spa is legit.

It is also important to go to a spa that has a liability insurance cover to cater for any eventualities. For instance, you may slip and fall in the spa premised and if it was the fault of the spa, you’ll need compensation. A spa that has a liability insurance cover will have an easier time in compensating you compared to a spa where the staff responsible has to make the compensation from his pocket.


In all professional spas, draping is a must during the massage. The massage therapist should leave the room to allow you to undress and cover yourself with a sheet or a towel. During the massage, the therapist should ensure that the draping is intact and only expose the part of the body he is massaging. If a spa does not comply with the draping rule, it is most likely not a professional massage.


It is common to want to spend the lowest possible amount on massage but it is not always the best option. If the cost of massage is too low, know that the quality of the services will also be equally low.

Feedback from Past Clients

What the past clients say about a particular spa will clearly show the quality of services that the spa offers. To find this out, you can check online platforms for reviews from past clients or ask the people in your locality about their experience at the spa.

Remember you will be paying for your massage services and, therefore, deserve value for your money. If the services in a particular spa make you insecure, look for another spa. You’d rather not have a massage or postpone it to a later date instead of risking your life by getting unprofessional massage services.